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Winslow is a 9-storey boutique condominium located in Lawrence Park in Toronto, Ontario by Devron Developments. Winslow is an upcoming project currently under construction. For this project QOO Studio provided a menu of high-quality assets, including a detailed 360 walk-through tour, exclusive high-quality video animation, a mobile app and a sales toolkit to enhance the buyers experience and facilitate sales. QOO Studio’s sales toolkit includes a complete virtual tour of the space, both interior and exterior, allowing the buyer to have a full experience of their future home. It allows you to showcase all the amenities included in the building in the highest quality rendering. This feature also allows you to apply different filters for units, such as number of rooms and the view you can have from different floors, as well as giving you the option of viewing the full exterior of the building from all angles and during all different times of the day.