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A high level of detail focused on presenting all of the available components of a typical car. This level of precision aids in the process of training, educating and promoting. QOO Studio’s rendering system allows the client to fully display every aspect of their product/design in every platform possible, and allow their own clients to fully display every potential detail included in the project. For this project QOO Studio created a virtual showroom displaying the design of the car as well as a detailed view of the different mechanical parts of the car disassembling and coming back together into one piece. This feature allows you to fully preview the details of this car and showcase every single component. QOO Studio’s virtual showroom allows you to see the car of your dreams in different colors, while also being able to customize the color of the interior if you wish. The details that need to be added to this feature, such as paint color, the kind of material used in the interior, and even the style of wheel, is always up to the client and the perfect way to advertise the final results.